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xPect Schedule View

xPect Schedule View

View XER Project schedules on your iPhone or iPad.

Present a bar chart of the schedule alongside up to 25 different task data fields in the activity table. You can choose to show supplementary views directly in the table allowing you to see key information for Activity Codes, Expenses, Memos, Relationships, Resources, Steps and User Defined Fields without switching to a another screen. Options for the bar chart include, showing relationships, determination of critical float and choosing bar colours.

Navigating the plan is easy, simply pan left or right through time with your finger or pinch to change the timescale to optimise the view. Double tap the timescale heading to select a date to view, or double tap an activity to fly to the start of that activity. Single tap when you want to see the details of an activity and now either tap the supplementary view or long press for a list of options to navigate directly to supplementary details for the activity.

Apply filters to refine the activity list. Choose from the handy built in filters or add to them with your own to suit your project data. Combine many filters to meet your needs.

Organise the data hierarchically by grouping your activity list by any of the available Task fields. Apply customisable colour templates to aid interpretation of the structures such as the WBS. Apply any number of sorts to order the data within these organisational groupings.

Assess your resource demand with the histogram view. Select the required resources and choose whether or not to display the available limit. Zoom the timescale to your timeframe and pan left or right to review the demand.

Investigate task relationships using the Network view. Zoom in and out to inspect hotspots, and choose up to 25 fields to present in the task box. Apply colour coding to identify, completed, critical and normal activities.

Analyse float distribution in either a Pie or Bar Charts to help you assess the criticality and thus deliverability of the schedule.

Use the dates report to see the distribution of activities starting or finishing in a particular period and to review where activity resource assignments have lost alignment to the parent activity.

The duration report provides an overview of either the remaining or original duration distribution of activities in the schedule to help understand the level of detail.

Review the logic report to help assessing the complexity of the schedule. Identify activities with a high number of relationships, non-standard logic or leads and lags. Use the redundant logic report to identify where direct relationships are already implicit via alternate paths.

See whether the plan is reliant on quality scheduling or held in place by force using the constraints report. Quickly identify those activities that have been pinned in place.

Gain an overview of the schedule activity make up using the activity types report.

Share any of these rich graphical reports quickly via email at the tap of a button.

Review detailed records for Activities, Projects, WBS, Resources, Roles, Activity Codes, Currencies, Calendars, Memo Types, Resource Codes, Resource Curves, Schedule Options, User Defined Fields.

Save multiple display layouts to suit different requirements.

bar chart Chart the schedule Change bar colours Show or hide relationships Change timescale Apply multiple Groups and Sorts Select visible fields Display task assignments activity View activity details View relationships View steps View expenses View resource assignments View activity codes View User defined fields View Memos network Review activity relationships Identify Critical Path See logic loops float distribution Review schedule criticality Total and Free Float Distribution by Count, Cost or Labour
resources See the resource breakdown View resource details histograms See resource histograms Show limit resource codes List resource code Types List resource code breakdown View resource code details resource curves List resource curves View resource curve details
dates See activity start finish distribution Identify invalid dates Find resource task misalignments duration See activity duration types Review remaining or planned duration distribution logic Find activities without predecessors and succesors See loops Identify redundant logic Review relationship types Consider leads and lags Find logic concentrations constraints Find constrained activities
projects List projects Review project details work breakdown See the WBS hierarchy Review WBS details roles See the role breakdown View role details activity codes List activity code Types List activity code breakdown View activity code details
currencies List currencies View currency details calendars List calendars Inspect working times Review exceptions memo types List Memo Types View Memo Type detail schedule options Inspect scheduling options
user defined fields List user defined field types Review user defined field details filters Create and apply filters view schemes Customise and save view schemes table options Choose display fields
group and sort Group data by field value Sort data within groups file extraction Import .XER files email Forward extracted .XER files settings Apply user preferences
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